Inflating Your Tires is Beneficial

Tire Pressure

Check your tire pressure! It’s important!

There’s quite a bit of maintenance you can do yourself if you have a simple set of tools and mechanical knowledge. Some of the maintenance doesn’t even require much mechanical knowledge. It doesn’t have to be a tune up or repair to improve how efficiently or cheaply your car runs. We here Paul Sur Buick GMC are here to tell you the benefits of inflating your tires!

First, inflating your tires provides better traction to the pavement. As a result, you’ll have more control behind the wheel. This alone increases safety and reduces the likelihood of an accident.

Second, proper tire inflation slows how quickly your tires wear down. As a result, you can keep more money in your pocket over the life of your car as you won’t need a new set as often. As an added bonus, properly inflated tires will also reduce the chance of bad wear patterns, when part of the tire wears down faster than the rest.

Lastly, keeping your tires at the optimal pressure can increase your fuel economy. As any driver knows, fueling up is a major cost to consider when buying a car. With properly inflated tires, you can go a little farther before stopping at the nearest gas station.

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