How to Jump Start Your Car

Jump Start Your Car

How To Jump Start Your Car

There are some things every driver should know in case they ever break down on the side of the road. How to jump start your car is one of these things and while it should be a necessity, the reliability of modern vehicles has made it optional. With roadside assistance coming standard with many vehicles, you may never need to know how to jump start your car. Still, we here at Paul Sur Buick GMC will fill you in just in case!

Position the cars nose to nose about 18 inches apart. Automatic vehicles should be left in park, while manuals should be in neutral with the parking brake set.

Next, turn off both cars and find the positive and negative terminals on each battery. The positive terminal will be red and the negative terminal will be black. If you see any corrosion, then don’t attempt to jump start the car, instead call a professional.

Attach the positive (red) jumper cable to the dead battery’s positive terminal then connect the other end to the live battery’s positive terminal. Do the same for the negative end to the live battery.

Instead of attaching the negative end to the dead battery, you’ll want to attach the cable to a non-painted metal part under the hood. Look for a jumping post and avoid belts and fans.

Next, start the car that has the live battery, let it run for a few minutes and rev the engine slightly. Once time has passed, start the car with the dead battery. If it starts, let it run for a few minutes before disconnecting. Wait a few minutes and try again if it doesn’t.

Remove the cables in the opposite order you put them on. An owner’s manual can help out if you’ve forgotten.

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