Clay Creating The Buick Avista

Many car enthusiasts are disappointed that Buick’s Avista concept will not be going into production. Interestingly enough, there is a new video showing how buick was clay creating the Buick Avista. Although we at Paul Sur Buick GMC are also saddened the Avista won’t be coming to life as a production model, we are highly intrigued by the newly released video of how the clay version of the car was created.

Buick actually had clay sculptors turn the 2D paper concept into a 3D model. In the video, Buick designers discuss the challenges of creating the clay car. Perhaps the most difficult challenge was creating the door, as it was designed to be longer than normal. The sculptors rose to the challenge and succeeded using design influences from the Greek Parthenon to stretch the door’s lines.

Buick creative designer, Aaron Stich stated that, “Concept cars stretch the imagination and inspire the direction our production portfolio is heading. This door is just one example of how everyone in the Buick design studio is jumping at the chance to create designs that will stand the test of time and be more beautiful than the last.”

The Avista concept debuted at the Detroit Auto Show and created quite a bit of buzz, even winning the award of Reader’s Choice for Best Future Concept. We are saddened that this car will not be going into production, but we encourage everyone to watch the video showing clay sculptors creating the Buick Avista.

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