Materials Set the Buick Avenir’s Interior Apart

Buick Avenir at the Chicago Auto Show

The all-new Buick Avenir at the Chicago Auto Show

If you didn’t think a car’s interior materials can make a big difference, we think you’ll change your mind the moment you find yourself inside the Buick Avenir concept vehicle. Just in case you don’t have that opportunity – allow us to set the scene. A rich, natural wood trim adorning the door panels, a 3D acrylate instrument panel, and soft leather seats and leather-wrapped steering wheel, and that’s just the beginning.

Designers took inspiration for the Buick Avenir’s interior from nature. Materials, color, and design elements can all be traced right back to the great outdoors. In fact, much of the Avenir is designed with the vision of water washing on a shoreline in mind. Rolling lines and deep colors are evidence of the shoreline’s unique influence over the Avenir.

The Avenir’s luxurious interior has garnered the attention of the auto industry, earning it several awards and accolades since its debut.

“The attention to detail within Avenir is outstanding,” said Charles Allen, a retired automotive designer who served as a chief judge for the 2015 EyesOn Design Awards, in a recent news release. “What stands out to me is how well everything is integrated – all of the materials and elements work together seamlessly to provide a sensation of understated elegance that fits the Buick brand perfectly.”

Though the Avenir remains a concept vehicle for the time being, Buick’s focus on high-quality and welcoming interiors extends through its entire lineup. Stop by Paul Sur Buick GMC today to check out our lineup of vehicles, all of which feature luxurious interiors.

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