The 2015 GMC Lineup Is Expanding to Include Luxury

GMC Sierra Denali
GMC Sierra Denali

The 2015 GMC Sierra Denali

GMC is doing better than ever thanks to one of the most impressive lineups in its history. The all-new Denali series is rebranding the iconic automaker as more than just a dependable American company, but also as a luxury automaker.

According to GMC, 2014 was one of the most successful years for the company in decades. The Denali sub-brand is mostly to thank, integrating performance, luxury, and, of course, dependability. The new 2015 GMC lineup features several best-selling vehicles, including the Sierra, Yukon, Canyon, and Acadia among others—meaning we could quite possibly see an even better year than last year.

“GMC is a strong, premium brand that has continued to gain momentum,” said Duncan Aldred, U.S. vice President of GMC. “Refined, capable and appealing products are driving that momentum, and we intend to build on that in 2015 with both product and brand-centric initiatives.”

The new Sierra is the only pickup to have exterior design as the number one reason for purchase, the Yukon is more popular than ever, the Canyon was voted Autoweek’s Best of the Best of 2015, and the Acadia was’s Most Popular SUV.  We’re not kidding: the new lineup is better than ever thanks to quality design and made-in-America dependability.

Unveiling the Beautiful Buick Avenir Concept

Buick Avenir
Buick Avenir

Here’s an image of the all-new Buick Avenir

No vehicle at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show captivated our attention at Paul Sur Buick GMC as much as the new Buick Avenir Concept, possibly one of the most beautiful cars we’ve ever seen come out of the automaker’s design teams.

The Avenir Concept was created as part of a collaboration between hundreds of designers, sculptors, and fabricators at GM’s design studio near Melbourne, Australia, and its design center in Warren, Michigan. It’s even got a French name (“avenir” means “future”), so to call it anything but an internationally-inspired car would be an understatement.

The car is gorgeous. Lovely curves feed into a long hood, and curvaceous rear haunches bleed into the rear decklid to present a car with an unmistakable sense of balance and grace. As the French name suggests, Buick built it with the future in mind. The Avenir Concept’s premium sports proportions and all-new interpretations of traditional cues are a departure from the brand’s usual designs, but hints at a possible future Buick flagship.

We don’t know just yet when or what that flagship would look like exactly, so stay tuned for the latest news! For now, come view our huge selection of Buick vehicles!

Buick Avenir Concept Delights at NAIAS

Buick Avenir at the NAIAS
Buick Avenir at the NAIAS

Buick Avenir at the NAIAS

Just when we thought we’d seen everything Buick had to offer, they went and surprised us again. The automaker unveiled its Cascada Compact convertible at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit last week, and pretty much everyone thought that that would be it from Buick. That is, until the automaker unveiled its surprise: the Avenir concept.

The Avenir concept is poised to become Buick’s flagship full-size sedan – and ties together modern technology, high-end luxury, and elements inspired by Buicks from years past. The most obvious distinction is the Avenir’s departure from the modern Buick grille we’ve come to expect. Instead, a brand new grille could be an indication of the future direction of the Buick design language.

The grille is “a modern interpretation of a design introduced on the landmark 1954 Wildcat II concept, which shattered expectations of what a Buick was supposed to be,” said Michael Simcoe, vice president of design for GM’s International Operations, in a news release.

Besides the new grille, some of the Avenir’s other notable features include personal seating for four, full LED exterior lighting, 21-inch wheels, a 12-inch-diagonal color touch screen with next-generation Buick IntelliLink infotainment, ionic cabin air filtration, mobile device wireless charging, and OnStar 4G LTE with Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Avenir takes Buick luxury to the next level, and here at Paul Sur Buick GMC, we can’t wait to learn more. Stay tuned for more updates as we get them!

A New Year’s Automotive Resolution: Distraction-Free Driving Tips

Man distracted while driving
Man distracted while driving

Don’t be this guy!

With the New Year under way, it might be time to consider a new type of resolution: distraction-free driving.  Cell-phone use is at an all-time high, and there are more drivers on the road than ever, so we’ve put together a list of distraction-free driving tips to make sure you’re safe during 2015.

According to the National DMV, drivers are distracted by secondary activities 30% of the time while driving. That means that certain behaviors like eating, smoking, talking, and playing with your phone can be dangerous, even deadly.

Our first tip is to put your phone down. Not only should you turn off or silence your phone, but you should put it somewhere you can’t reach it while driving. Though it might be tempting to text with your friends on the highway, it nearly doubles the likelihood of a crash.

Though you might not think about it, driving with a passenger can also increase the likelihood of a crash. There’s nothing wrong with carpooling, just remember to keep the conversation light.

Last but not least, don’t eat, drink, or smoke. Nothing’s more distracting then spilling hot coffee on yourself while going 70 mph. Eliminate the possibility of distractions like this by leaving food, drinks, and cigarettes behind while driving.

Visit us at Paul Sur Buick GMC and see if we can keep you from getting distracted with a brand new GMC Sierra!

New Buick Encore Remains the Perfect Small SUV

2015 Buick Encore
2015 Buick Encore

The all-new encore certainly turns heads!

The Buick Encore, which has been on the market since the 2013 model year now, has yet to see a very significant update in terms of design and size. But don’t get us wrong, we mean that as a positive thing, not a negative one. The Buick Encore hit the market as the perfect small SUV—and remains that way now as a 2015 model as well.

It’s received a few new feature updates, like a blind-spot monitoring system, 4G LTE WiFi capability, and more. However, it’s the car’s basic formula of small size, practicality, style, and efficiency that has made it such a winner over the last three years here on the American SUV market. The Encore remains smaller even than the CR-V, but balances that size with all its technology and practicality.

The new Buick Encore can get up to 33 mpg on the highway and coaxes as much as 138 horsepower out of a small 1.4-liter engine. It’s available in either FWD or AWD, plus it features tons of safety technology, and it even comes with leather seats. It is, as we said at the beginning, the perfect small SUV—and its begging for you to come see it here at Paul Sur Buick GMC.

Chicago Winter Overnight Parking Ban Infuriates Citizens

Frosty Windows

Roads clear of snow and ice are ideal for the safety of Chicago drivers, but many say the city has gone overboard with the recent ban on street parking. In the wee hours of December 1st, a city-wide ban on overnight street parking went into effect, causing hundreds of residents to scramble outside in an effort to avoid the disappearance of their cars.

Vehicles left out on the street past 3am were eligible to be towed away by the city. In all, nearly 240 cars were towed the first night that the ban went into effect. Parking tickets were also issued to violators and, coupled with towing fees, drivers could pay more than $210 to get squared away with the city.

The winter overnight parking ban was put into place so snow plows will be able to effectively clear the city streets of ice and snow. The ban affects priority arterial routes within the city.

However, many Chicago drivers are calling foul, as there was no snow or ice in sight—not even a predicted storm—when their cars were towed.

“It’s pretty stupid. Especially like, I get it sometimes. In the snow, they need to clear the roads. But there’s no snow,” a Chicago native, Jean Kalisky, told ABC 7 Eyewitness News. Some residents even believed their cars to be stolen, only to find out that the city had carried them off to make way for snow plows that weren’t coming.

Here at Paul Sur Buick GMC, we hope that you stay safe on the roads this winter. What do you think of the Chicago winter overnight parking ban? To avoid getting a ticket and a tow this winter, check out this handy map of all of the streets where the ban with remain in effect until March 31st.

Higher Education Receives $2.875 Million GM Foundation Donation

Graduating Students

Graduating StudentsJust like any other major industry, the future of the car industry lies among students who are looking to continue their education in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). To help secure that future, General Motors has established the University/Organization Partnership Program, which creates grants for students who need help paying for their education. This year, the GM Foundation has contributed $2.875 million to higher education, making not only the future of the students who received the financial help brighter, but also the future of the automotive world.

“The STEM workforce is and will continue to be a vital component in building communities and transforming our nation’s future,” said GM Foundation President, Vivian Pickard. “By strengthening higher education programs and encouraging students to pursue STEM careers, we’re ensuring that the next generations of leaders and innovators will have the skills and education they’ll need to succeed and compete globally.”

This latest GM Foundation donation is part of the $13.7 million the Foundation has already contributed to higher education. Since the creation of the University/Organization Partnership Program in 2011, this money has created a number of grants, including the Buick Achievers Scholarship, one of the largest scholarships in the nation.

If you’re interested in learning more about GM Foundation grants and scholarships, contact Paul Sur Buick GMC today!