GMC “Swish” Ad Stars the Updated 2015 GMC Lineup

GMC Precision

GMC embodies precision

GMC’s most recent ad campaign, called “Precision,” points out the automaker’s commitment and dedication to precision craftsmanship. Following the release of GMC’s first ad in the series, “Fastball,” the automaker has released the next installment, “Swish.”

In “Fastball,” GMC compares the precision of its trucks and SUVs to a baseball player’s perfect pitch. Now, in the GMC “Swish” ad, the automaker compares its craftsmanship to…. you guessed it, a basketball player’s “nothing but net” shot.

GMC plays on the fact that everybody loves the sound of a ‘swish’ when a perfect shot is made. You know, the kind where the ball falls perfectly into the net, not so much as touching the baskets’ rim? The commercial claims that that kind of precision is exactly what attracts customers to their cars.

“We’ve been thinking: there’s a sound a ball makes when it catches nothing but net. Everyone loves that sound. That precision. At GMC, we get that. Nothing separates the men from the boys like nothing but net. This is precision. This is GMC.”

We have to admit, the commercial boasts some serious cool factor.

Check the commercial out here, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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