Chill Out: Tips On How To Handle Road Rage

Road Rage

Classic road rage face!

Do you often find yourself more than just annoyed at other drivers? Do you get infuriated when a driver takes too long to accelerate at a green light or drives slower than you’d like? If so, you may suffer from road rage. Here are some tips on how to handle road rage for you.


Are you ever traveling the speed limit and someone is dangerously tailgating you and gesturing at you to go faster?

Notice when you are that tailgater. Is it because you didn’t leave enough time for your commute? It’s indecent to punish others on the road, potentially endangering their health, because you failed to allot the time you needed to get to your destination.


People with road rage behave differently because they feel anonymous inside their car. When you find yourself getting angry at someone, imagine if you weren’t in the car but in line at the grocery store or bank. Would you behave the same way? Or would you accept whatever happened with poise?

CLASSICAL MUSIC IS YOUR FRIEND suggests that listening to loud, aggressive music can exacerbate road rage. Consequently, listening to an audiobook, podcast or mellow music can help you control your mood and the urge to get mad at other drivers.


When you notice someone else make a mistake, be honest with yourself. Have you ever made a mistake? If you’ve driven long enough, you’ve definitely made an error or two. Forgive them as you’d want them to forgive you.

Fundamental Towing Tips for your Summer Trips

2015 GMC Sierra Towing a Boat

There isn’t a better truck for your towing needs than the 2015 GMC Sierra!

Summer is finally here. It’s time to dust off the boat and head to the lake. Maybe it’s been awhile since you towed anything. If so, check out these helpful towing tips!

Before you go anywhere, crunch some numbers. According to Popular Mechanics, “What matters most is your vehicle’s gross combined weight rating (GCWR).” This number represents the weight allowed for everything. That’s the vehicle, everyone in it, and everything in it, as well as the weight of what you are towing.

Reference your owner’s manual of your vehicle to obtain the GCWR. If you are indeed towing your boat, then reference the owner’s manual for its weight. Add it all up to make sure you are not exceeding the GCWR.

If you happen to be towing a particularly heavy load, you should consider a trailer with electronic brakes and use trailer-brake controller (for heavier loads).

Never use a hitch ball that does not match the size of your trailer. Ensure they match in size and connect fully. Always use a safety chain as well.

Driving tips…

  • Increase distance between your rig and the vehicle in front of you
  • Corner more sharply
  • In case of trailer sway, brake gently

If it’s difficult wrapping your head around the contradictory motion involved in reversing with a trailer, hold the steering wheel at the bottom and move the wheel where you want the trailer to go.

We at Paul Sur Buick GMC hope you enjoyed our towing tips for your summer trips. Check out our new inventory of the best truck for the job, the 2015 GMC Sierra!