Regal Price Drops to Battle Slumping Buick Sedan Sales

2016 Buick Regal

Buick’s made a name for itself by offering entry-level vehicles at near-mass market vehicle prices. Now, with Buick sedan sales falling, the offers are about to get even better. With consumers turning to crossovers amidst low gas prices, fuel-efficient sedans and coupes are left on lots. In an effort to … Continue reading

Fundamental Towing Tips for your Summer Trips

Summer is finally here. It’s time to dust off the boat and head to the lake. Maybe it’s been awhile since you towed anything. If so, check out these helpful towing tips! Before you go anywhere, crunch some numbers. According to Popular Mechanics, “What matters most is your vehicle’s gross … Continue reading

Turn Up the Heat: Buick on Knife Fight Cooking Competition

Advanced Drive Assistance Systems from Buick Help Keep You Safe

Buick is gearing up for a Knife Fight! Recently, the American car manufacturer announced a unique partnership with the Esquire network, in which Buick crossovers and sedans will be ”organically” integrated throughout season three of the network’s hit culinary show Knife Fight. The show features star chef Ilan Hall, who … Continue reading

GMC Canyon Named to Ward’s 10 Best Interiors List

2015 GMC Canyon at the Chicago Auto Show

There are few pickup trucks in the industry that offer a luxury interior, even in their lower trims—unless you’re looking at the GMC Canyon midsize pickup. Through a combination of innovative technologies, a simple yet sophisticated design, and a multitude of soft-touch surfaces, the Canyon has earned itself a spot … Continue reading