GMC Acadia Makes Wards 10 Best User Experience List

10 Best User Experience

Wards Auto has always compiled lists of the ‘10 Best’ vehicles in any particular category, such as the 10 Best Interiors. A newer category, 10 Best User Experience, has sprung up as a subcategory of interiors as a way for the experts behind Wards Auto to further analyze the user-friendliness and design of vehicle systems such as touchscreens, infotainment, and navigation. This year, the GMC Acadia made the cut.

10 Best User Experience

The category was globally varied. Including the Acadia, three American vehicles made the cut, while the rest of the list was made up of three Japanese and three German vehicles, as well as a Korean car, which demonstrated no particular country has a hold on the category.


The GMC Acadia was selected for the intuitiveness of its interface, making it easy to use for buyers new to the systems, as well as the simple elegance of its features. Navigating the touchscreen menu is a cinch to understand and functions smoothly and easily. Users can toggle between different options and even use voice commands without a hassle.


The GMC Acadia made the 10 Best User Experience list alongside big names like Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, Audi, and Infiniti – a big leap for a family hauler from GMC. However, the new 2017 Acadia was redesigned from the ground-up for modern amenities, and it seems the change has paid off.

New GMC Body-on-Frame SUV Could Arrive By 2020

GMC body-on-frame SUV

GMC may be adding a new rugged SUV. The brand is designing a vehicle based on a body-on-frame platform, sharing components with the Colorado and Canyon. Although nothing official has been released yet, this new SUV could be a sporty off-road crossover to rival rally cars.

GMC body-on-frame SUV

According to Motor Authority, Chevy actually offers a similar model overseas called the Chevrolet Trailblazer—a discontinued vehicle in the US. The GMC body-on-frame SUV could be a next-generation design that combines sporty appeal with practical space and styling. In the past few years, there has been a significant surge in demand for SUVs and pickups in the US, making this new body-on-frame SUV particularly exciting news for cars shoppers and auto enthusiasts alike.

“Any new body-on-frame SUV for GMC will likely be a next-generation design, as product planners are said to only be at an early stage of the development,” said Viknesh Vijayenthiran, who writes for Motor Authority.

Head of GMC Duncan Aldred recently hinted that new products for GMC are part of a growth strategy set to arrive in 2020. In addition to building brand awareness and the premium Denali trims, Aldred said new vehicles may be on the horizon. The new SUV will likely have a 6.2-liter V8 and available all-wheel drive. No word yet on alternative-fuel and hybrid designs. We can’t wait to see what GMC develops next.



GMC Gives a Glimpse of the 2017 Sierra Denali 2500HD

GMC Precision

GMC hints at 2017 Sierra Denali 2500HD appearance.

As anyone with an interest in the automotive market knows, teaser images are all a part of the game. This time around, GMC is giving us a glimpse of the 2017 Sierra Denali 2500HD. While details are still lacking, a picture is worth a thousand words but we’ll try to keep it closer to 200.

To start things off, the 2017 Sierra Denali 2500HD is still a luxurious heavy-duty pickup truck that works hard in style. The hood features a new chrome-trimmed scoop that seems entirely functional. The grille isn’t much to go on but it does indicate it could house something big. Those two features give way to confirming one of the biggest rumors surrounding General Motors.

Rumor has it that General Motors is looking to create a larger, more powerful diesel engine for the 2017 model year. If the whispers are true, that engine could offer as much as 900 lb-ft of torque. If that sounds far-fetched, think again. The Ford F-250 Super Duty is looking to offer 860 lb-ft of torque, paving the way for GM to offer some clear, heavy-duty competition.

We here at Paul Sur Buick GMC can’t wait for the arrival of the 2017 Sierra Denali 2500HD!

2017 GMC Acadia Pricing and Information Revealed

2017 GMC Acadia pricing
2017 GMC Acadia pricing

2016 GMC Acadia Pictured

The GMC Acadia has remained mostly the same since its initial release in 2007, with only minor updates year to year. Now, for the 2017 model year, GMC has finally introduced the second-generation of Acadia, and it has some major upgrades.

After debuting it at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January, the company recently announced the 2017 GMC Acadia pricing and information for its spring release. With an MSRP of $29,995, the base model of the new Acadia is almost $2,000 less than the base model of the 2016 model, which can be attributed to the more efficient, lightweight design, despite the base trim’s added standard features.

Thanks to a lighter base engine, a more compact design, and lighter materials, the GMC Acadia is more than 700 pounds lighter than the previous generation, making it more fuel-efficient and easier to maneuver.

Some new features include an IntelliLink system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as more active safety features like front pedestrian braking, a surround vision camera system, and safety alert seat.

With five trim levels, two drivetrain options, and improved towing capability, the GMC Acadia is better than ever.

2017 Canyon Denali Takes Mid-Size Segment to the Next Level

2017 Canyon Denali - 2016 Canyon Pictured
2017 Canyon Denali - 2016 Canyon Pictured

2016 Canyon Pictured

When you want a premium truck, you get a GMC, and when you want a premium mid-size truck, you get the 2017 Canyon Denali. GMC just introduced this truck, which is the first-ever premium truck in the mid-size segment.

“Canyon is the segment’s first and only premium midsize truck, offering unparalleled capability and efficiency matched with maneuverability and refinement,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of GMC Sales and Marketing, in a statement. “The all-new Canyon Denali builds on that award-winning combination with the distinctive styling, luxurious interior and elevated content that has defined the Denali nameplate since its introduction nearly 17 years ago.”

Just like its larger Denali counterparts, the Canyon Denali will feature a unique chrome grille and distinctive wheels. It will also come with chrome fog lamp bezels, five-inch-diameter rectangular chrome assist steps, a polished exhaust tip, and a standard spray-in bed liner.

The Canyon Denali will only be available as a crew cab model, but will come with either two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. You can also choose between the standard 3.6-liter V6 or the all-new 2.8-liter Duramax turbo-diesel.

The 2017 GMC Canyon Denali will go on sale here at Paul Sur Buick GMC late next year.

Fundamental Towing Tips for your Summer Trips

2015 GMC Sierra Towing a Boat

There isn’t a better truck for your towing needs than the 2015 GMC Sierra!

Summer is finally here. It’s time to dust off the boat and head to the lake. Maybe it’s been awhile since you towed anything. If so, check out these helpful towing tips!

Before you go anywhere, crunch some numbers. According to Popular Mechanics, “What matters most is your vehicle’s gross combined weight rating (GCWR).” This number represents the weight allowed for everything. That’s the vehicle, everyone in it, and everything in it, as well as the weight of what you are towing.

Reference your owner’s manual of your vehicle to obtain the GCWR. If you are indeed towing your boat, then reference the owner’s manual for its weight. Add it all up to make sure you are not exceeding the GCWR.

If you happen to be towing a particularly heavy load, you should consider a trailer with electronic brakes and use trailer-brake controller (for heavier loads).

Never use a hitch ball that does not match the size of your trailer. Ensure they match in size and connect fully. Always use a safety chain as well.

Driving tips…

  • Increase distance between your rig and the vehicle in front of you
  • Corner more sharply
  • In case of trailer sway, brake gently

If it’s difficult wrapping your head around the contradictory motion involved in reversing with a trailer, hold the steering wheel at the bottom and move the wheel where you want the trailer to go.

We at Paul Sur Buick GMC hope you enjoyed our towing tips for your summer trips. Check out our new inventory of the best truck for the job, the 2015 GMC Sierra!

GM Increases Midsize Pickup Truck Production

2015 GMC Canyon
2015 GMC Canyon

2015 GMC Canyon handles everything you throw at it!

When General Motors first introduced the GMC Canyon, it expected for there to be a high demand—and it looks like the American carmaker was right. Since its introduction earlier this year, the GMC Canyon sales have quickly risen, making demand higher than ever—and causing a bit of a problem for GM. The American carmaker recently announced that it will be increasing its midsize pickup truck production at the Wentzville Assembly plant in Missouri, to keep up with the high demand.

General Motors is planning on adding as many as 1,000 more workers to the plant’s Saturday and Sunday shifts, helping create an additional 2,000 pickup trucks a month. This adjustment, along with reducing break time for employees, will make about 3,500 more vehicles a year.

So far, GM has delivered a combined 35,720 units of the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon from January through April alone. To find out why so many consumers are choosing to purchase the GMC Canyon, stop in to Paul Sur Buick GMC today!

GMC Canyon Named to Ward’s 10 Best Interiors List

2015 GMC Canyon at the Chicago Auto Show
2015 GMC Canyon at the Chicago Auto Show

2015 GMC Canyon at the Chicago Auto Show

There are few pickup trucks in the industry that offer a luxury interior, even in their lower trims—unless you’re looking at the GMC Canyon midsize pickup. Through a combination of innovative technologies, a simple yet sophisticated design, and a multitude of soft-touch surfaces, the Canyon has earned itself a spot on Ward’s 10 Best Interiors list, showcasing its luxurious interior that is offered for a low price.

“It’s important that great interiors be available in every class of vehicle, not just luxury models that most consumers will never be able to afford,” said Drew Winter, Editor-in-Chief of WardsAuto World. “The Canyon demonstrates that shoppers need not buy a loaded full-size pickup to get lots of soft surfaces, a Bose audio system, supple and durable leather, an easily navigated touchscreen, and advanced safety features.”

The GMC Canyon beat out 42 other new vehicles’ interiors to earn a spot on Ward’s 10 Best Interiors list. This popular pickup truck combines top-notch technology with available OnStar 4G LTE with Wi-Fi hot spot, an eight-inch color touchscreen radio, and a multicolor driver information center display.

To see the GMC Canyon’s award-winning interior, stop in to Paul Sur Buick GMC today!

GMC “Swish” Ad Stars the Updated 2015 GMC Lineup

GMC Precision

GMC embodies precision

GMC’s most recent ad campaign, called “Precision,” points out the automaker’s commitment and dedication to precision craftsmanship. Following the release of GMC’s first ad in the series, “Fastball,” the automaker has released the next installment, “Swish.”

In “Fastball,” GMC compares the precision of its trucks and SUVs to a baseball player’s perfect pitch. Now, in the GMC “Swish” ad, the automaker compares its craftsmanship to…. you guessed it, a basketball player’s “nothing but net” shot.

GMC plays on the fact that everybody loves the sound of a ‘swish’ when a perfect shot is made. You know, the kind where the ball falls perfectly into the net, not so much as touching the baskets’ rim? The commercial claims that that kind of precision is exactly what attracts customers to their cars.

“We’ve been thinking: there’s a sound a ball makes when it catches nothing but net. Everyone loves that sound. That precision. At GMC, we get that. Nothing separates the men from the boys like nothing but net. This is precision. This is GMC.”

We have to admit, the commercial boasts some serious cool factor.

Check the commercial out here, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Stop by Paul Sur Buick GMC today to see for yourself the premium style and precision craftsmanship that sets GMC apart.

GMC Dependability Ranks Among the Best in the World

2015 GMC Sierra

The 2015 GMC Sierra is one of the highest rated vehicles!

Ranking in the Top 10 Most Dependable brands on the market, GMC was proud to receive several awards from a recent JD Power study. This survey determined which vehicles were the most dependable on the road, and it came up with three GMC models: the Sierra 1500, Yukon, and Terrain.

According to GMC, JD Power determines these numbers by measuring the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles. That means that compared to most other manufacturers, GMCs are among the most durable and rugged cars and trucks you can buy. Why would you buy something that isn’t as reliable?

“The momentum continues at GMC with this recognition,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of GMC Sales and Marketing. “We expect all of our vehicles to perform at the highest level every time a customer gets behind the wheel and this achievement validates our commitment to dependability and reliability.”

GMC dependability was through the roof thanks to some new engineering and design tactics. New models are made to last, using both high-strength and lightweight materials. Not only that, but there’s also an incredible attention to detail during the production process. GMCs are for anyone that wants a reliable vehicle, plain and simple. We are proud to offer tons of GMC vehicles at Paul Sur Buick GMC in Valparaiso, IN.